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Saturday, 13 October 2007


.....its self-portrait Saturday again. Well, I have been less naughty this week and actually posted a clearer pic of me, devoid of weird and wonderful colours, shocking pink skin, wild blue hair and eyebrows, etc.
I know I'm not on my own when I say that I'm still not entirely comfortable with this self-portrait thing; I like to hide behind the freakishness of the over-altering I tend to do, to my pics of me. Why is it that it is so hard to take photos of ourselves? The weekly prompts are a good thing, and a real challenge for us I think!
I have received my next pack of DT stuff, and have to say that I am really really (10 reallys) chuffed with it!! Bev Todd of Crop Til You Drop, asked all the DT members to write a wish list, of stuff they would most like to see in their kits, and I can safely say that I got all things on that list, plus a whole lot more. Really looking forward to getting started with them, and I'm going to have a wee go tonight. We have friends coming over though, so I cant spend too long at it!!
We're having 'a drink', which usually means rather more than one drink, occasionally ending up with us singing for our lives on the 'singstar' game for the playstation. Hang on a minute, I think I have some film of Shaun and Mark singing.....just thought again - you wouldn't be able to hear it for my music on my blog would you? I'll have to root it out and get rid of my annoying music for a day or two. We have pizza, and nibbles, and wine and lager. Oh and most important of all - chocolate!! So I will have to get some pics of our shannanigans, and post tomorrow. I don't think they will be my SOS pics though lol
Ok folks, I shall skaramoosh (or whatever the heck it is that he says), and try and get some of this LO done before our mates arrive! Oh and dont forget to check out the Blog Til You Drop challenge, you'll be eligible for the monthly DT challenge competition!! Last months winner was Rebecca Nash, Rebecca regularly enters our challenges, her entries are fantastic - come on over and have yourself a go! There are fab prizes up for grabs!


Hazel said...

Smashing photo, Charli - you look great! Glad you got such a good DT kit. I must go and have a peep at the Blog til you drop challenge.

Beverley Todd said...

Great photo charli! So glad you are pleased with your kit - looking forward to seeing what great things you create for us!

Have a great night - I'm off to play with my own stash tonight!
Guv x

pretty-pink-cards said...

great photo Charli... it is hard for us to do sps but our photos don't show it..
Have a good eve
Caroline x

Bobs said...

Gorgeous SP, Charli! Your hair is fabby!!

Hope you have a lovely evening with your friends.

Farmersgirl said...

Lovely to see you unadulterated!

sharon said...

such a cool shot Charli, you look like a pop star, love your hair!

Louise said...

you are so pretty and I am so jealous of you hair... it's gorgeous.
You don't need filters and fancy colours... you look good in plain old black and white:)

SuzyB said...

What a fantastic shot, what are you on about, youre gorgeous!!

Caz said...

Great picture..and good to see the unaltered you.

MommyBa said...

Lovely photo! I love the vibrant you that I see in here!

Happy weekend!

Diana said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely. You are so gorgeous !! Love Di

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo Charli... you don't need to alter your pics you are stunning :)
Will have a pop over to BTYD later on :D

Sue Nicholson said...

Charli this is a smashing photo :)

Your hair is fab although I bet you don't think so first thing in the morning!!

And so right you are not on your own. I don't even look like I think I do, my face seems to be a different shape than I thought and my eyes much further up my head!!

Err Charli I actually like your music :) I love dance, rap oh everything really as my kids just seem to fill the place with it these days.

Bye for now