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Monday, 15 October 2007

Another LO

Another 12 by 12 LO that I made using papers and other bits from the October Club Scrap collection. It's my not so little brother (who went out on his first 'date' on Saturday!! Bless him!) with a then best pal, out on one of the many mammoth walks my ma does. This one is a 16 mile walk - they used to go at weekends, they'd do this walk one day, then go and do another big walk on the other!! Super fit or what!?! But I love the picture - they were both muddy as hell (I know I know, hell probably isnt muddy) and I love the male bonding going on there!

Check out the technique with the photo Sue - your tutorials for photoshop are fantastic - photoshop didnt want to play at first but I got there in the end lol. Sue's blog is here, if ever you want to know how to do something with photoshop, and get some fab effects (along with some fab blogging and cool pictures!), then this is the place you want to be checking out!!

Guilty guilty blogger - two posts in one day!!


Sue Nicholson said...

I am blushing here :) Thanks so much for the mention Charli.

And so pleased that the tutorial worked . . . they should but until they are tested I am not 100 %confident that I have included everything! :D

Great Lo and the effect has worked so well. Strange when lil brothers grow up isn't it? My elder bro is starting to look, and act, like my Dad! Help!

Re your query about converting to B&W. There's quite a lot you can do but what often works first time for me, and I pref the easy option, is in CS2, Image>Desaturate, then Layer>Duplicate. Make the top layers mode overlay and play around with the opacity slider.

Bye for now. Thanks again. Sue :)

Mama said...

Love the LO Charl...I tried so hard to find the photo but could not find it on either PC.
See you soon Love xx