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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Blimey, Ive only been tagged again!

Ay up, Ive been tagged again by Rach of Uniquards!

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1. I really don't like pink. I was a tomboy, growing up, and hated anything girly including things of the pink variety!!

2. I'm a complete and utter nerd when it comes to gadgets and suchlike - love em, cant get enough of em, want more etc etc

3. I'm scared stiff of fairground rides. Think Pepsi Max, think - you must be ******* joking!!

4. We had a really bad house fire when we were kids, and if it wasn't for my marvellous super mum (who broke her thumb, and bent it right back - ewww) rescuing us, in more ways than one, I wouldn't be here typing this right now.

5. I have three brothers and two sisters - all younger than me, no I'm not bitter, jealous etc lol. One of my brothers once asked me 'Charl, when I'm 50, will you be dead?'

6. I am a home bird. I love nothing more than a cosy night in with the Shauns (or my family), glass of wine in one hand and bar of green n Blacks in the other. Boozy nights out and such? You can keep em (see hungover SPS pics and you will see why)!

7. I nearly drowned on holiday in the Dominican, when, some eejit driving the boat attached to the banana boat we were on, decided it was a good idea to turn sharp and tip us off. Shaun did not appreciate me also nearly drowning him, by clinging to him for dear life, forgetting that I was pulling him underneath the water lol but that's what partners are for isn't it?

Consider yourselves tagged guys:
Mary B

Cheers Rach - I enjoyed this!


Jacqui mama said...

I feel sorry for the bear as well charl...It looks quite depressed sat there.
I like the pics brings back a lot of memories, All good holding you as a baby xx

etteY said...

hi Charli, thanks for tagging me! I love all your pics below, nice to know all the members of your family :D

Alix said...

hi charli...tagging is a whole new world to me...but i'll give it a go!!