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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

UFOs and exploding brains...

A quick pop on to upload my pic for today! My favourite place in my lounge, the corner bit of the couch. Does everybody have a spot on their couch that just feels 'right'? Out of the whole thing, and its fairly big - this is the one place where I am really comfy! When I was pregnant though - I hated the couch! I had to have help to get me up from the darn thing, what with my humongous bump and the fact that you sink right into it. Up above is some of the gorgeous yarn I bought from The Yarn Yard - I'll be popping a link to them in my favourite shops section. Jaffa Merino, and its plush and bright! So starts my next UFO (unfinished object) - I now have two scarves on the go though because I recently received some yarns from Dragon Yarns - also a fab shop!!
I went to post my CJ on Monday and Shaun snr ended up taking the double buggy in his car, so this meant I had to walk to the shop with one child in a buggy and Shaun Jr on foot. The walking part was lovely!! However, when we got into the shop, Shaun decided to grab a sherbet dip bag, biting off the bottom end, and spilling the contents onto the floor, the proceeding to pull and grab at as many things as he could. At the same time the child safely contained in the buggy pulled off some dog food tins onto the floor - needless to say my blood pressure was higher than it was when I first went in there!! The lady serving in the shop was lovely, but you do get some slightly annoying people who look at you as if to say 'control your child, woman!'. These people obviously must forget what it is actually (I'm doing that 'actually' thing there Bobs, its catching!!) like to have young kids, in to everything and anything the can be.
Anyway, nuff ranting!! Sherman is back! Praise that great car God who deemed him fixable, because I have been lost without him! Trying to get two wriggly kiddies and their car seats in and out of a Celica is not good for the vertebrae, I can tell you.
Gotta go now, and I really really promise, I will get round the blogs tonight. Ive been so busy with this course and my impending assignment I just haven't had chance! My ol' brains are about ready to explode methinks!
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day - well, whats left of it anyway!


Bambi said...

i guess we all have that spot in the couch don't we (^_^)

sharon said...

That's so true Charli..a fav bit on the couch to sit on..mine is next to the wall..if I sit at the other end I kinda feel lost..

Kids!! gotta laugh..I was in Sainsburys the other day and this poor woman..her little boy was throwing himself on the floor..right paddy he was in and he wanted mum to carry him, along with all of the shopping and a buggy to push!!..I had to laugh at him screaming..mammy carry me...when she said no..he will carry me..that's your

Anonymous said...

I've got a favourite part on my sofa too Charli... and I move anyone else that sit there!! I always have to say 'that's my spot' lol. Even DG always says 'Do you need to sit here Nanna?'

Bobs said...

Oh I really, REALLY feel for you about the kids in the shop!! Mine are adults now, but I remember days like that sooooo well! lol

That yarn is a gorgeously rich colour - I love it!

I actually (ooops!) sit on the single chair in our lounge. Tim takes the 3-seater and no-one really uses the 2-seater!

Don't worry about missing days and comments and stuff, Charli! Everyone know life gets in the way sometimes. :)

Good luck with the course and the assignment. xx

Hazel said...

You're right - it's good to have a comfy bit of the couch. I love my armchair and it's cushion. Poor you, in the shop!

Marina said...

Oh I think any one with children know how your feel we have all been there at sometime or other, mine are adults now but i have been there many a time when they were little and then with childminding. Love the wool you will have to but up what you make. :~) xx

MommyBa said...

I'm sure this sacred space for you is all worth it :)

etteY said...

i have a fave spot in the couch too :D nice shot :D