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Monday, 22 October 2007

It's only another stamp CJ!!

So my purple for today, is the front cover of my CJ for the 'another stamp CJ' hosted by Jean, AKA nexjr3 AKA 3DJean of UKS! Crikey that was a mouthful!

But it was purplish, before I grubbed and dirtied and distressed it up a bit. Basically for this CJ, you choose an unmounted stamp, which goes along with your CJ, and what you get back are 10 entries, all using the same stamp somehow, but with 10 very different interpretations of it. How cool is that? Fab idea and really looking forward to getting it back next August. It's a quick one from me today folks because the children are calling, and they'll be swinging from the light fittings if I leave them any longer.

Cheers for stopping by and have a great day!

Oh Ive popped back, thought I might as well show you the innards! Now be gentle with me all you expert altering folk, it is my first bash at this, and by the end of this CJ group I should be on my way to being well versed in the altered world!


Diana said...

Great indigo Charli. That looks like a beautiful journal.
Love Di

Bobs said...

What a fab idea for a CJ!! Yours is looking delicious, Charli!

Love your pics of the gig.... makes me want to go to more!

Hazel said...

Wow! Charlie, no one would guess that was your first bash - superb - love the purple front.

cass said...

this is awesome Charli, i love your work

pokettiger said...

What an incredible cover. The inside pages are great too. You are a wonderful artist!

What fun concert photos. You really did manage to capture the wonderful lighting and colors.

Louise said...

Love the CJ Charli, my friend took part in one of the stamp ones and I was so impressed with what I saw.
Thanks for sharing:)

Jacqui Mama said...

Looks great charl xx But then i have yet to see something you do that does not look good.
Big weekend pics are brill and the two shauns fantastic.

SuzyB said...

Fabulous CJ, you should be very proud!

sharon said...

that looks yummy..job well done.x