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Monday, 29 October 2007

Windows..... my soul - ha! Like I am going to show you my not oft enough cleaned windows with all their decoration!! This is turning into how clean is your bloomin house - and I don't like it lol lol lol

So I went off to Preston today to hunt for my Halloween party outfit, and I am very chuffed with what I got - got it from the vintage oxfam shop in Preston. I'm telling you, that shop is fabulous!! The lady who works in there, is just amazing. The window display is brill - that's what prompted me to go there in the first place when we had a potter out to Preston at weekend to meet my Ma for a brew in the city centre. The stuff she has managed to come up with, with things that just turn up in the shop!! Talented lady. And she was so helpful - it makes a real nice change to be dealt with like that. I am so looking forward to our party on Wednesday! I haven't looked forward to Halloween for ages, since I was a kid, and just before it was 'uncool' to enjoy Halloween.

I'nt 'avin kids brillyant (said in a Paul whitehouse fashion...)? Lol - but it is! Getting excited about Christmas again and little things like that - I look so forward to it all now for our little man. I know I'll still be more excited than he is at this stage, but I cant wait!

Shaun's grandparents are coming dressed up too, so I will most definitely be posting lots and lots of Halloween photos. I'm making a pumpkin soup, and I'm going to try my hand at pumpkin pie, though I don't hold out much hope. My rubbish cooker (never did get round to asking Lloyd about that one) can just about manage making good fairy cakes, but chocolate brownies? Bigger than a fairy cake? TURKEY (the turkey is a sore point with me, as it takes longer than a hundred years to cook, I'm sure, and is never ready on time)??? No. But I'll give it a whirl!!

So now I have to beggar off, and get this assignment handed in. Int'internet brillyant....least I don't have to rush in to Uni like a mad woman, clutching said assignment as though it were the very holy grail, after having just finished it moments earlier. Now I can just upload, and go! Fabulous!

K folks, ta ta for now, and thanks for stopping by!

PS has anyone lost a pair of dark suitcases?? They seem to have left them underneath my eyes. Would you kindly collect them please - they 're getting rather heavy!!


Diana said...

PMSL You are so funny and what a great interpretation of the prompt!
Love from Di

Bambi said...

i like how you labeled your "windows" (^_^)

Marina said...

I like your take on todays word. Looking forward to seeing a picture of you in you halloween outfit. :~) xx

Anonymous said...

ROFL ... but sorry the suitcases aren't mine hee hee...crazy woman:D
Can't wait to see your halloween pics :D

Andrew said...

Very clever take on the prompt - like it very much!

Lynsey said...

Cool shot - great interpretation.

Bobs said...

Love your shot for today! That's what I was going to do, but decided against it ..... far too many wrinkles and crow's feet!!

You MUST post a pic of your costume!!!

SuzyB said...

Such lovely eyes you have. Oh, does that make me sound like some spooky wolf character from Little Red Riding Hood?

Anyway, cant wait to see your Halloween pictures, this is the first year since 2003 that we havent had a party so I will make do with seeing yours!

Hazel said...

Great cheat today, Charli - not so much a cheat as a clever interpretation, including the labels.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your take on the prompt.

pretty-pink-cards said...

Charli its a fab shot... not my bags either!!

have tagged you on my blog

Caroline x