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Wednesday, 10 October 2007


....these could possibly be the best rum truffles in the whole wide universe. You see that one peeping cautiously from underneath the wrapper? It had a right to be cautious, it now ceases to exist - as the rest of the packet will do, in about 5 minutes or so!! Dreadful. Shaun brought them back from Somerfield last night - try em - they're delicious! And they're 2-4-1 - bargain basement!
My pic for today is from my garden, I thought I would show you the before and after. I really like the first one because of the reds and oranges in it, but love the effect that the cutout filter has given it in photoshop. I just played around with the edge effects a little til I was satisfied with the final result.
I am very sad to say, that I have now botched the front of my CJ cover completely, and will now have to start again. Frustrated? Uhhh yeah!
Now, apparently, Lloyd Grossman is in Garstang - a nearby village. He is trying to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records, for making the biggest Hotpot ever. Hmmm. I think I'm going to go and ask him which is better for cooking, electric, or gas. If neither, then why does my Christmas turkey never cook when its supposed to, despite having been in the oven for what seems like a hundred years. If its gas, then what can I do (other than get gas or not have turkey lol) to improve the finished bird. Any tips will be most welcome folks!!
I might have to go and check it out and see if I can get some photos for you to have a look at! Other than that, its some painting, then into Lancaster, then feeding ducks, lunch, then aaaaaaaaaaah a bit o peace for me when they have their afternoon nap. And not a playgroup in sight - YAY!
So I shall say au revoir for now folks, have a good day and thanks for reading - do come again!


Bobs said...

Love both shots, Charli - I can't decide which is my favourite.

Those rum truffles look divine!!

Sorry to hear about the CJ cover. Are you sure it's beyond all hope?

etteY said...

yummy truffles! *drool* LOL!

great shots and fab editing!

Jolanda said...

Love the shots!

Hazel said...

Great photo, before and after. Mmmmm those rum truffle cakes - must try and keep away from such temptation! Hope you have a good day. Shame about the CJ cover (sounds like the story of my crafting life!)

Diana said...

Great steps! and as for the truffles oh oh oh too much temptatation!

sharon said...

this reminds me of the film The Secret the position of the tree also.x

Maaike said...

lovely photo!

Terrie Farrell said...

Well done Charli. X

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Charli... I must admit the top one is my favourite but that's just because of the colour of the leaves.
Fab crockery shot yesterday too :D

Rachael said...

Great shots Charli and those truffles look sooo good. If you find out which is best then let me know as I need a new cooker and don't know what to get.

Sue Nicholson said...

I clearly haven't lived as i have never had one of these cakes !!! If I see them though i will think of you and buy a pack . . . or two :0

Love the garden steps and the way you have treated it in the second image.

Hope by now you have sorted your cover.