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Saturday, 6 October 2007

They call me 'Cop Out' Charl...

Ello. Alas, I have opted for a 'in the style of Warhol' type picture, which helps to disguise the fact that I look rough as {insert your own word}. Spots a plenty - bags under't th'eyes and all sorts. So this is me today!!
Hooray!! I'm actually doing OK with my course now - managed to get loads done so am pleased finally!

So today, I'm driving along in Shaun Snr's car (i dint think I need to put the snr bit really do I, like my nearly two year old would have his own set of wheels tut tut) with my little man beside me - Shaun snr (look, I've done it again) was trying to fix Sherman for me as he is a bit poorly, so we ended up in his Celica. Lovely car, but guess what its not? PRACTICAL!!! I hate that word! But anyway, young Shamus and I were singing along to 'Hey there Delilah' by the Plain White T's - love that song! And I thought to myself - what can be better than this? My little man, happy beside me, singing and dancing away, giving me the sweetest smile - what a good boy I thought to myself - just perfect!

But then, something changed. I swear I saw a little glint appear in his eye, and Shamus the Mischievous was back in town. He then proceeded to try and open the car door, whilst we were driving at speed! I made some sound, I think it was a scream or something, and then slowed down as carefully as possible so the door didn't fling wide open and drop off its hinges. Unfortunately, because the car does not seem to be made for kids AT ALL - you cant turn the little thing that cars usually have to put the child lock on. So I proceeded with extra caution down the A6 to my Ma's house. Not content with trying to open the door, he decided to try and pull the car out of gear, and also destroyed some of Daddy's CDs. Whoops.

Is anyone having a do at the Cybercrop this weekend? I opted out this year, after the shananigans of the last one. People got a little crazy about the mystery kits and such, and some people weren't very helpful at all - it was my first one so I had a few questions, and the response I got from a minority was less than helpful, lets say!! Plus, Ive had that much on I couldn't have done it even if I had really really (10 reallys) wanted to. If you are having a crack at it - enjoy!! Some of the classes from the last one were really fab.

Right cockers, I shall depart, and have another look at this course, before going to make our curry for tonight. I wonder who is on Parky tonight? Harry Conick Jr was on last week - I didn't realise that was him!! Its the guy from Will and Grace isn't it? There is something about that man - very nice! And I must confess, I have a bit of a thing for Colin Firth. Don't know what that is all about. Al Murray, pub landlord, however - yak! Do not think he is funny in the slightest! If anyone one else does, I'd love to hear from you, maybe its just me!!

Thanks for reading guys, and TTFN! Have a fab rest of the day!


Bobs said...

Love how you've done your SP, Charli! You must like your hair being blue! lol

YIKES about the car door!!! OMG!!
I would have thought that those catches would have to be compulsory.

I've never taken part in a UKS cyber crop and truth to tell, I wouldn't want to. I've heard a few not-so-good things about some people being bit snotty.

Enjoy Parky, hun! xx

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh WoW !!

Great blue hair Charli. Not sure you ever look rough . . . well not in the photos I see antway.

No childlocks! What a scary ride that must have been.

And no way! Scrapping is my hobby I don't work at speed or under stress, well no more than usual anyway.

Landlord. No! No! No! But then again occassionally a gem does pop out HOWEVER this I think has happened only once as I now change channels rather swiftly:D

Bye for now Charli, (Is it Charlotte or Charlene or something else?).


Anonymous said...

oooh Charli and beautiful blue eyebrows too :D
Don't worry hun Sue (above) has the instructions for how to do the sps the way I did last week and she is putting a tutorial on her blog tomorrow. You will probably want to play still and have some fun but it should help :D

oooh cringed when I read about your episode with the car door, my nephew once opened mine while I was going round a roundabout... only the seatbelt saved him from falling out and I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life! Kids eh! glad everything ended up okay though hun... doesn't bear thinking about.

Hazel said...

Love what you've done to the SP photo - although I can't believe you'd look that rough without altering it! What a saga with Shaun and the car! Hope you've enjoyed your curry.

Diana said...

Oh Charli what are you like!!! You are so brave to do this with your SP and CLEVER
Love Di