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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Stage 2 of Grandfather Saga

Ok, first things first - my picture for today's HS:MS prompt. Actually - more important - I better start by apologising for not getting round to your blogs last night!! I got stuck into my Uni work proper, for once. And whilst I was on a roll, I didn't dare stop!! So I will get round everyones tonight, I promise - Scrapzo's honour. The pic above was taken in Gatorland, Florida, during my holiday there a few years back. This was a fantastic holiday, and I loved Gatorland. It wasn't until I got back and had my photos developed that I actually looked at things in a bit of a different way though. I felt sorry for that poor bear - he looks quite sad there, sat on his own. I apologise for this not being a 'today' picture, but as soon as I saw the prompt, I thought of this picture and had to put it up.

K, next step - grandfather saga. These are a few of the photos I sent via email, to Alex Lee - my uncle. It was weird receiving an email back from this man, with whom I share the same surname, same blood, and have never met. But I was so glad!! He goes to Costa Rica to live though, unfortunately for me (not him, the lucky so and so!!), so its not looking like I'll meet him anytime soon :( however, I might get to meet my grandad still, and other siblings of Alex (and my Dad)!! I wonder what they'll think of us?? I wonder if we look like them a bit? Hmmmm...lots of questions.
Above pic is me and my sis, making sandcastles in Looe, Cornwall, slightly drunk. Just looked at the pic again, and we must have been quite drunk - our sandcastles are rubbish!! But we look so proud. Ay dear.
This is my Dad holding me as a wee baba.
And this is my ma with me. Just thought I'd share em with you!!
And finally, I have been tagged today by Hazel! So here goes....
4 places I have worked:
1. Reilor Ltd, Preston - as label designer/customer service 'officer' (wooooooo)
2. Tokyo Joes Nightclub - brief stint as a dancer (not pole or lap I must stress lol)
3. Swansea Terrace Nursing Home - as Snr carer
4. Medium Secure Services, Preston - as a named nurse for patients (RMN)
4 places I have lived:
1. Preston
2. Inskip
3. Scorton
4. Nearly Nottingham lol
4 places I have visited:
1. Ibiza
2. Dominican Republic
3. America
4. Spain
4 favourite foods: (not at the same time lol)
1. Vindaloo (or hotter) curry or anything spicy
2. Chocolate
3. Fish
4. Homemade houmous
4. places I would rather be:
As long as Im with my family - I dont care where I am!
K guys, thanks for reading, and have a grand ol day!!


SmileyCarrie said...

Great photos...!
love the "mesh" one :)

Hazel said...

Fab photos today, Charli. Thanks for doing the tag xx

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh no he does look so sad :( That's some mesh though.

Great photos of you and your family.

And the tag answers are really good but can't join you in a curry, (no I don't like), but maybe a large bar of chocolate :)


SuzyB said...

Great photos Charli, lots of mesh in the top one!

Diana said...

Great shots Charli
Love Di

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot Charli. I can see why you couldn't forget that bear! I hope you get to meet your uncle sometime soon!

Aubrey Harns said...

Hi Charli,
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have been published a few times Scrapbook Trends, and some other magazines. I'm currently on the DT for Current's Times to Cherish catalog. I just have fun with it. Have you been published? Your stuff is great!

Rachael said...

Great photos today Charli. I've tagged you with a different tag. x