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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Don't you just love it when.... 'get it'?

I am really enjoying life as a 'mature' (lol lol) student. The first time round, when I went to Uni - I was really unsure of myself - not confident at all. I would rarely speak up - unless forced into it by some lecturer - you know the ones who 'pick on' the ones who don't involve themselves!! Thank god for those lecturers. I always hate it when they say - so Charlene, tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you've chosen to do x, y or z. I hate being put in the spotlight like that. Now on here, as I'm sure you're aware, I can babble endlessly, but its so easy without an audience right there in front of you!
So last night was a tutorial for the social science course I'm doing. It was tricky at first - I have a spot of performance anxiety (probably the understatement of the year). But it got much easier as the night went on, and most importantly, I involved myself - a lot - and actually understood everything that was being said - hooray! It was such a great feeling to know that I had grasped everything so far. I think I'll really enjoy this course - I might eat those words later on lol but for now, I'm just going to make the most of it.
We went to playgroup this morning, and what a nightmare. Poor Shamus was busy ransacking the place, getting involved with everything - he's the kind of boy who loves to grab everything. They were making these pizzas for their snacks - and of course he's only 22 months old - I thought he did really well. But he was trying to grab the cheese off the pizzas and pick them up and all sorts. It was a bit hard work, because the little girl who I look after was also into everything - as all good kids should be!! And the playgroup leader said - can you just come and grab Shaun - she's lovely BTW - but I thought - aaaargh! I haven't got enough pairs of hands here, I need at least another five pairs lol, so I was mighty stressed by the time I left. Has anyone got any opinions on how often you should take kids to these things? Twice a week is more than enough for me!! But I'd love to know what people thought. I often feel a bit guilty because I don't get to more - but I do take them out plenty everyday. I think its probably all part of the - 'other mums seem to have it sussed much more than me' syndrome.
Well, I have nearly finished my CJ front cover - but me thinks its looking a bit cack, so I don't know what im going to do about that! I might post it up here when its finished and get some constructive (or any lol) criticism on it.
Sherman is still not well. He is going to be fixed - AGAIN, for the third time in 2 weeks. I miss the old reliable Sherman. This new, unreliable let down Sherman keeps deciding to say 'engine system service - urgent', which can't be good news. It smacks a little too much of expensive repairs to me. Yuk.
I have a painting that I must upload too, when it is dry - my Shamus did it for me today at another group we went to. This is one where I can relax with my friend Crystal, and have a brew and a danish, but still keep a good eye on him and let him have a good run about the place - at a wacky warehouse. It's my favourite of all the play places we visit! Also - they let parents go down the slide with the kids - its fabulous - Ill have to get some pictures of us next week for you to frown and tut at lol
Thanks for reading guys - I shall toddle off and get ready for round five with the kids! Have a nice, relaxing rest of the day!


Bobs said...

Can't wait to see the pic of you coming down the slide!! Yay!!! I'd love to do that. I'd laos love tohave a go on a bouncy castle, but I fear my mighty bulk would burst it! lol

Fabulous crockery pic!

Hazel said...

Your crockery photo made me smile. Look forward to seeing your CJ.

Terrie Farrell said...

Yup all good kids should be mucky with snotty noses if you ask me...that's my excuse and if you find some extra hands i'll have some thrown this way please!

Well done on the prompt, like the simple with the funky!

Looby said...

Great pic hun!
I've tagged you - check out my blog!!

SuzyB said...

Cool pic! Kids are great, but couldnt eat a whole one LOL x

Ruth said...

acck, I just noticed that you tagged me. Guess I'd better get busy then, huh? LOL Love your crockery. (I've probably typed that word 27 times today and I giggle every single time for some immature reason) Love your photos and can't wait to see your CJ photo.

Diana said...

Great shot Charli!

etteY said...

fab pic!