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Monday, 1 October 2007

Meet Sherman!

Meet my dirty, scratched, well worn, trusty wheel, belonging to Sherman, my Volvo. I've had a few different cars - prior to Sherman I had a Peugeot 206 coupe cabriolet - and I loved it! When I was a kid I always told myself - when I get a 'proper' job, I want a convertible car - I'll know I've made it then!! Lol how sad. But I got one, and loved it. When young Shamus came along though, it just wasn't - wait for it - 'practical'. So I kissed goodbye to it, and welcomed my trusty Volvo down the driveway. Its a monster compared with my last car - its huge, and faster, and it really 'hugs' the road. So when its ready for 'car heaven', I'll be getting another one!

This prompt got me thinking - two years ago I had a crash - I was pregnant with Shaun at the time, I think I only had six weeks to go or something. But luckily it wasnt serious - it was my fault though, which was a total bummer. Due to the frequent trips to the loo in the night, and still working shifts, some twelve hour ones, I was shattered and not paying attention really. The day was 30th November.

Two years earlier, on the exact same date, I had another crash - this was a bit more serious though, in bad weather conditions I skidded out of control, mounted the kerb, and then a hedge, and then a wall, sort of ending up suspended in these conifer trees! Shaun was behind me in his car, and drove past - he didnt see me in my little hidey hole, my car disguised by leaves and things! Unfortunately the hedge and wall and tree belonged to a total A*hole. After I had dropped onto the pavement from the passenger side door, I was greeted by - 'what the bloody hell do you think you're doing???'

Err, well what it was, I really fancied crashing today, so I thought I'd pick you!!

What an idiot. Didnt even ask me if I was OK! He's there, with his camera, taking pictures! Did much to reignite my faith in human kind!

Its funny now - but at the time it was a total nightmare - I wasnt seriously injured, luckily. I narrowly missed a lamp post. But anyway, the point of this story is - dont forget to remind me, to be extra careful on the 30th November!! I think I might stay in that day.

Have a great day folks! Thanks for reading!


Diana said...

Hi Charli missed you when I could not use the internet. Guess loads of us will have car wheels today LOL. My car's name is Milly and she is a new (old) beetle.

Hazel said...

Good shot, Charli. Sounds as if you definitely need to be careful on 30 November (not that I'm superstitous)

Mary said...

Oh wow had a couple of narrow escapes behind the wheel then hun! Stay in bed on 3oth Nov.

sharon said...

I love the fact he is called Sherman..presuming he is a boy of course, my cars have always been first car was a Polo and she was called Purdy..hee hee..

Anonymous said...

I love your pic, the angle of it. Also love the story. Yep I would definitely stay in on Nov. 30th.

Maaike said...

funny you named your car :-)
great angle

Louise said...

love the composition of this shot Charli:)

Sue Nicholson said...

Fancy you naming your car :) Why Sherman? I suppose why not you could say. Lovely photo of you "other guy".

Not a funny read but an interesting one about your accidents. Thank God you were ok.

Had one when i was pregnant too. My fault. Only a minor bump in to the back of another car but even so shook me up.

Second time this stupid woman crossed me in the passing point of a dual carriage way and took me back across the road attached to a lock sticking out from her van! DD & DS were in the back. No-one was hurt but it was so scary.

She tried to take me to court on a "no win no fee" basis! Not likely, decided to contest and go to court as it wasn't my fault. She got nothing! How dare she cause my kids so much pain then try to make a quick buck. What is this country coming to?

Opps sorry went on there. Felt there was a comparrision between her and your idiot :)


etteY said...

nice name for a car! ;) OoOoh you should stay in bed all day on the 30th Nov! :p

take care!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up... some fab photo's Charli... just love your SOS and your SPS socks ROFL
I hope you do remember to stay in on NOV 30th.. doesn't sound as if it's a very lucky day for you. I know stay in bed... watch TV... eat chocolate and relax and then you will be out of harms way... what do you
Just had to say I think your halloween layout was fabulous too :)

SuzyB said...

Love the angle Charli and the car's name! My car is called FS - Fiatshed and we're not talking at the moment lol xx

Jacqui Mama said...

Hi Charl, Love those cards.
I am going to have to start using my Stash...I keep accumulating and doing nothing with it...Wish i had yout talent for putting things together and making it look so easy.

Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.