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Saturday, 20 October 2007

Chickening out again.

Good evening folks! Well, I am late for posting this pic, was supposed to do it earlier but I was told off for messing about, and told to hurry up and get my butt out of the house, so I had to do as I was told (this once, of course)!! So much for me being brave and baring all after last weeks 'hiding behind the altering' discussion lol

So this is me today, with pores like potholes, and eyes squinting from the sun (and not giving someone evils, as it looks).

Today has been a great day so far, things have just 'gone right'. Dare I put those words in quotation marks, for fear of being added to the blog of unnecessary quotation marks?? Had a peep at that the other day - quite funny!!

I am trying my bestest to be productive in the ol crafting game but it hasnt been easy lately - it seems like no matter how much I do, I never seem to be getting much finished!! Never mind, keep plugging on.

Isn't it funny how your tastes change as you get older? Here comes my weekly Friday Night with Jonathan Ross review lol - Take That last night - love em love em love em all over again! Back in the day, I was a Mark Owen/Jason Orange kinda girl, my sis had a thing for Howard Donald!! I used to take the mick out of her but I think she picked the right guy in the end! Second in line to Gary of course - who I now think is lovely. Dont know what it is about him! But there you go.

So, I shall skidaddle now, and try and get some stuff done! Didnt get round the blogs yesterday - its just been mad busy. But I will do, promise!!

Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the weekend!!

Do you know what??? I nearly forgot! I have been nominated for the you make me smile award, by Hazel and Caroline! I should be nominating people now, so here goes, and in no particular order!!:

  1. Suzy B
  2. Bobs
  3. Sharon
  4. Fairycakes
  5. Hazel
  6. Angela
  7. Ninnie
  8. Mrs B - Mary ann
  9. Louise Sampson
  10. Pokettiger

I awarded you guys, some because I love reading your blogs, and they really make me smile and cheer me up on the dull and dreary days, and a few of my team buddies from UKS -who are just a talented, fab and supportive bunch of ladies!!

There are loads more of you who make me smile but I could only have ten! Actually, I was nominated twice, does that mean I get another ten??


SuzyB said...

Ooh I really like that photo, its sort of mean and moody, the curl of hair is just right!

Aww and thank you for the award, I do like them, honest :o) xx

Hazel said...

That's a great shot, Charli.

Maaike said...

it's an exciting shot! lovely

Anonymous said...

oooh fab moody pic there Charli... love it and you were much braver than me lol... I'm just pure chicken :D
Love your blue pics from yesterday too especially that eye close !!

Bambi said...

that look is intense! great shot (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Love that shot. I think it is one of my fav out of all our SPS's. Thanks for the award.

Skotasma said...

how cool :)
mysterious beauty ;)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

bloody hell woman - that SPS is fabulous

pokettiger said...

Incredible SPS. Whenever I try close ups like that of my face they just don't look great like this one.

Thank you also of the smile nomination. Very sweet of you to include me! :-)