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Monday, 8 October 2007

Tis the season to 'fall' in love with - groan

Top of the morning to ya! Ay up cockers, thought I'd share some of the pics of my leaf ridden garden. Honest - they do get swept up regularly - there's loads of trees in our garden though so no sooner than you have swept the leaves up - its full again! But I quite like it. I love the colours of autumn - they go well with the ol barnet lol

The first and second picture I took of the same leaf, just three days apart, and you can see from the pic that it is more 'autmuny' (?) in the second shot, the green is fading and the yellows and goldy browns are coming through much more. And check out the difference in the sky lol, yup, its here!

So today, I am going to get started on my LO for KTP's challenge over on Blog Til You Drop, posted Saturday. Get yourselves over and have a go - there are prizes up for grabs!! I'm using my SPS pic from Saturday - my OH Shaun thinks its incredibly freaky, which was even more reason to scrap it lol, as a permanent reminder of my freakishness.

Whenever I do that effect on my pics, I always end up with blue hair!! And blue eyebrows, as Chris pointed out!! Never noticed those lol, I'll have to pull the old socks up and do a proper photo next week, warts and all. We went to Beacon Fell yesterday for a wander, and a brew and cake - hmmmm, I had bakewell tart and it was lovely and fresh, not like the cake at Williamson park!

Here is a pic of Shaun, being a boy, and hitting the tree with part of another. He decided he couldnt be bothered walking at one point, and kept coming to me and his Dad to carry him, which is no mean feat - he's a solid lad! We thought we pretend to carry on walking, to see if he thought - 'oh well, I'd better start walking if they're going to leave me!' - but no. He sat there, stubborn as (his mother) a mule.
Well I shall skidaddle - Ive got a few minutes of peace whilst they're asleep, so I'd better get something done, hadn't I?
Thanks for reading guys, and ta ra for now! Have a great day!


Chris said...

Really fab photos Charli.. love them all especially the one of Shaun hitting the he looks like he's having a fab time!!

p.s. sorry for pointing out that your eyebrows were blue on your SPS pic...but they were lol

Hazel said...

Lovely autumn pictures, Charli.

Eleanor said...

I like the changing leaf, the second one looks like I feel today.
Bakewell tart, now there's a thought. Love almond flavour.

Rachael said...

Great autumn pics Charli. What is it will boys and sticks they always have to bash something!

Bobs said...

I love the leaf pics, Charli! You'll have to keep on taking them until it drops off (if it hasn't already!)
Lil Shaun is just a honey!!

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shots! I love your leaves pictures!

Maaike said...

yes, that's autumn

Andrew said...

Love the autumn pics, Charli. Must try the Ashton memorial too - have passed it loads and never taken time out to visit it.

Louise said...

brilliant photos Charli... love the first couple especially:)
Your boy is too cute X

etteY said...

love the leaves pics! I can smell the autumn scent from here! LOL!

love the s-o-s and sps too!

Jolanda said...

Lovely pictures!