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Friday, 12 October 2007

Errrr....No, cant think of a title for today!

First off, autumn watch - an update on the rapidly deteriorating leaf on the tree in the garden. I am sure by now the woman across the road thinks that I have completely lost the plot - photographing leaves and other things in the garden. Is she right? Probably! lol
And the first of the tongue pics. Trying to capture a photo of a moving child with his tongue stuck out is a little more difficult than I imagined!! I did take a photo of my own, pierced tongue, but it was awful! So I omitted that from today's offerings.
He looks so cheeky, doesn't he? He was dancing around in circles at this point, bless! What a day yesterday. It was fab! Saw Sherree Murphy - the girl who played Trisha in Emmerdale, wandering around with a cute little baby bump. I have seen John Thompson (cold feet, the fast show et al) in Selfridges there too, with his partner Sam. Would love to hear about who of the rich and famous you have seen whilst out and about!

The kids were a bit hard work yesterday - scrapping (and not of the good, paper type) with each other, inflicting scratches etc on each others faces. Look at his picture up there - you'd think butter wouldnt melt wouldnt you? Ha! Dont be fooled by this cute exterior - he is a mischeif maker of the most mischeivous kind!

I started again with the CJ covers. I havent finished them yet but I have started on my entry, which so far I am pleased with. It's totally different to how I usually work, and I really think this CJ group is going to get me working out of my comfort zone, which is great.

I shall depart now, because I am starting to waffle even more than usual, thanks for stopping by and I will get to everyones blogs after lunch, didnt get chance yesterday, I was pooped after a long day, shopping for my life!

Have a great day!


Diana said...

OMG what DARLING tongue shots and such beautiful children! They must get their looks from you!!! ADORABLE!
Love Di

Mary said...

Awww fab tongue shots there Charli and gorgeous chilblains! LOL

Bobs said...

Awwww, poor leaf. It will be such a shame when it finally falls.

That's a really gorgeous little boy tongue!! Well done getting the shot, Charli!!

Rachael said...

Awww how gorgeous is he tongue and all. x

Anonymous said...

Just loving your leaf pics Charli!!

Just how gorgeous your little one is and what fab photos they just speak volumes LOL it's amazing how kids love to do that isn't it :D

Fab game pic yesterday too !!

sharon said...

he's adorable and has eyes to die for.x

Terrie Farrell said...

I love it when little ones stick their tongue out, these are major cute photos

Hazel said...

Tee hee - what a tongue!!

Maaike said...

aaaah so cute!!

SuzyB said...

LOL, love your Autumn watch!

And there's that gorgeous little fella again :o) x

pretty-pink-cards said...

they are such cute photos..
love the colour of your leaf

caroline x

pokettiger said...

Great tongue photos - what a cutie. The leaf photo is great.

melissa said...

Ahhh bless his little cotton socks. How cute?!? Auntie Melly xx