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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Pink to make the boys wink?

Now I really dont do pink. There are 2 boys (+ 1 me) = 0 pink in my house. Never been a fan! Im just not a girly girl at all! So this is a layout I did of my brothers and sister from a little while back. I had a 'three little pigs' story sack, and they were very bored, so got out the stuff and posed for this pic for me. I love wolfy's (jack) expression and then little piggy to the right (spencer) who looks really worried!! I got the papers as part of a collection from club scrap - love their stuff!! The papers were also perfect for this 'race for life' layout.

I did this earlier this year, for my mum, who had skin cancer year before last. This was a scary time for all of us - I was scared that not only would I lose my Mum, but my very bestest pal in the whole world. It was a horrible time, but my Mum got through it - I was and am so proud of her, the way she has coped - she really is my inspiration. If ever I feel down or generally cack - she never fails in cheering me up. She's the best! So I dedicated my race for her - I scanned in my back sign from the race and included that on the LO. On my back sign, I put 'I race for my Mum' and put an arrow pointing to her place in the race beside me - I was so lucky to be able to do that because many of the people there had lost their loved ones. Myself included - my Mum raced for her Mum, my Nan, and my cousin who was there raced for my auntie. So stood amongst all those people, I realised how lucky I was.

So one day when I was really proud to wear pink. Hey, maybe pink aint so bad after all.....

PS if you read this Ma, when I was walking down to meet you at the race and saw you standing there, I was so choked up! I tried hard to not cry because I was grateful to have you there and didnt want to make you upset, but I love you so much. You mean the bloomin world to me.

K guys, I shall say TTFN, and thanks for stopping by - I will get round your blogs today or later on tonight - didnt get chance last night - was at another tutorial! Have a fab day!


Diana said...

Awww Charli you gave me goose bumps and tears this morning reading about the race. I love the pink layouts!! Bless you and love from Di X

Rach said...

Love the LOs Charli - fab! x

Bobs said...

Well done for doing the Race for Life! My DD Kerry and I ran it last year, for my mum (who was still alive then, but has since died) and in memory of my granny, who died two years before that. It's always such an emotional, yet very uplifting day.

Well done again, Charli.


Bambi said...

very cute pink LO

pretty-pink-cards said...

Really great Charli well done fab LO

caroline x

Marina said...

Well done with the race, great pink layouts they look so cute the pigs hahaha :~) xx

Jacqui Mama xx said...

Hi Charl..Mama here with tears running down my cheeks after reading what you have written...The race for life was a great day..One race i was so glad i was able to make, It could have been a different story...But god knows how much i wanted to stick around to be here for you and melly, jack and our little shamus.
I Love you all so very much xx