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Monday, 3 September 2007

Where do I start?!?!?

I'll start by getting some of these projects up - this is all stuff I made for my Ma's 50th birthday. After seeing an idea in the Foof a La Autumn Leaves idea book, I bought a box frame and made this 'family tree' - thought it was a cool idea and different!

I also made a gatefold mini book - saw the idea in Scrapbook Inspirations ages ago, and thought it was perfect for Mum. Ive made her loads of stuff so I wanted something a little different. I trecked round the rellies getting photos of them with my ma from way back, and put them altogether in this book. The cool thing about this book is that you can have three pages on show at any one time, and if you're like me and you love busy projects with loads going on - it's perfect!!

Next stop - grandfather saga. Spoke with my Dad on the phone the other night; he has discovered that he has 3 sisters and 2 brothers!! His Dad sounds fit and well; they had a really good chat on the phone and they are arranging to meet real soon! I can't tell you how happy I am for my Dad - he hasnt seen his Dad since 1960, when he first came to this country, so it will be a real emotional meet up I bet. I just cant wait to see what he looks like! So now I'm sorting some photos of us out to send him - my Shaun is his first great grandchild! Wow. So it looks like there might be a happy ending there after all. Phew!

Mum's birthday Do was a huge success. And we managed to keep
it quiet, which was hard work!! We had a super stretch Limo come to pick Ma up- we told her the taxi couldn't make it and when she stepped out the front door and saw it she couldn't believe her eyes!! We went for a lovely meal at The Pines restaurant in Chorley. Everything was perfect! The food was absolutely fantastic, it's one of those '4 forks and knives beside the plate' places!! I dont know if I get it right or not, but the food ends up in my gob so I must be doing something right lol

There's a picture of me, my sister, my Ma and little brother there
too. What a fantastic night! In the limo on the way back home, there was a karaoke! My sis cracked me up - she was singing 'come back', but it was't the same song we were thinking of - but she had us all in stitches!! She's the life and soul of any party, my sis - she's so funny!
I have to show you another pic that really made me smile too. On the way out of the restaurant, we noticed a sign that said -
Charlene Lee - 50th birthday - sneak peek into the future maybe?!?!
So the final important thing I have to share with you guys is that I have just uploaded some of the stuff I have made with my DT kit. It's on the Blog Til You Drop Website, with some links of how to get hold of the fab kit it's made with. I've got something interesting lined up for my challenge week which is on the 22nd September, and there's new stuff posted every day on Blog Til You Drop, each from a different designer! Our challenges are on a Saturday and go live at 6pm - Ruth's challenge is a cracker and I'm going to use it to scrap a photo of my uncle, who recently passed away. I want a fun and bright page; one that makes me remember him just how he was - a great guy.

Right, ramble over, I shall speak to you soon guys - hopefully with a HS:MS photo very soon!!

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Mary B said...

Charli this has made me laugh, cry and get all warm inside all at the same time. I simply adore what you have made for your mum especially the tree, such a beautiful idea.
You and your sister look so alike, if it wasn't for your curls I don't think I would tell the difference.
and BTW you look stunning much better than your blue hair orange face piccie. lol