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Saturday, 22 September 2007

It's A Boy!!! And another dodgy pic...

Good evening all!! I'm a bit later than usual, I have been uploading my challenge over on the Blog Til You Drop Site, I'd love it if you stopped by and had a go!! There's a sneak peek over there on the left. There have been some brill challenges on there, well worth a peep. And all challenge entries from challenge #6 to #10 are entered into the mothly DT challenge competition!
Now, first things first, my self portrait for today. I used the chalk and charcoal filter in photoshop today, because, as my hormones are running riot, I am spotty as hell. Think pizza only with as many toppings as possible (yuk that makes me feel quite sick lol). And the photo is now a little more forgiving (only a little, mind lol) - I couldnt bear to subject you poor people to another week of dreadfully shocking S.P.S (not that they will vary much from week to week unfortunatley for you poor lot lol)!! The hangover one was bad enough last week - a few people said to me - cor you're brave aren't you, putting that up?? lol.

And secondly - I just want to get one thing straight, for anyone who isnt sure - my Shaun is a boy!! I know, I know, he has long hair - but I cant bear to cut it - its so cute and I love his little curls. He'll probably kick my butt when he's older - Mother, how could you, you weirdo, you have ruined my street cred etc etc? The amount of people who say - 'isnt she gorgeous??' lol lol - I dont dress him like a girl!! I guess it's different for me - to me he is a proper lad - as boisterous as they come, real rough and ready. He looks like a boy in the face, to me!! I would love to know what you think!! That's a pic there of him with his grandad (Shaun's Dad) when we went for a meal for his Nanna and Grandad's 30th Wedding Anniversary. Looking incredibly boyish to me lol
K guys, thats it for now, have a fab rest of the day and thanks for reading!!
Oh sugar - I nearly forgot, I cant leave without having my daily weather whinge!! I know how you all love - only joking ;o) but it has been much better today, round our neck of the woods. I swear Im solar powered, feel so much better when there's a spot of sunshine about!!


Hazel said...

You're right, a bit of sunshine makes us feel much better - not much sign here today. Great SP today!

pretty-pink-cards said...

great photo of you..
infact great blog full stop!!!
Caroline x

Diana said...

Wow that's an interesting SP would love to know how you got the effect!

Louise said...

no hangover this week...LOL!!!
The filter works really well:)

Terrie Farrell said...

Loving the colour.....what is the music on your blog?

Jacqui Mama said...

Hi Charl...Our baby A Girl !!! Never he is a typical boy...Looks every bit a boy< he is full of mischief and a bundle of fun.
The Pic of you is great charl I wish i could get to grips with that photoshop like you have..I find it hard work xx