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Monday, 24 September 2007

Size does not matter after all, an inch is just fine!!

This is another LO I did for my book of me (BOM), and was inspired by the weekly challenge over on UKS. But then after I posted my challenge on Blog Til You Drop, and I said that if someone could get a pocket on an inchie I would be well impressed - well this prompted Guv (Beverley Todd of Crop Til You Drop/Blog Til You Drop/ I Love Hot Off The Press) to challenge all DT members to get a pocket on an inchie - there it is, top left hand corner of my picture!! And I have to say - I know its not fabulous but I could quite get into making these inchies!! They're so cute!!
So this LO is about me (obviously - duh, i hear you shout), and basically about where I am at now in my life, what kind of person I am now etc. I think I have to follow it up with a few LO's with pics of me from when I was younger, to give folk a better idea of where I have come from too - my outlook on life has changed a fair old bit, as it does for a lot of people!! And also the dodgy photos that I have of me from when I was younger - the hair, the clothes - I look shocking - and therefore they just have to be scrapped!!


Jacqui Mama said...

Hello Charl...
I have many pictures of you young lady and not one Dodgy one or one where you look shocking!! I love the LO you are a clever lass, everything you do looks great and you have the ability to make it look easy...You are a remarkable person charl, I love the music this time round xx Bye for now x

Anonymous said...

Wow I don't do much scrap booking but I do inchies. Must say bravo to you for the pocket.