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Thursday, 27 September 2007

HS:MS - Stamp

Did I ever tell you that I love the stamp man? Well I do. I'm starting a new CJ towards the end of next month, hosted by 3D Jean of UKS and 3D Jean altered art supplies and have been on the lookout for the right stamp to use in her altered stamp CJ. I received my little consignment today, and I have to say the stamps are FABULOUS! So today's word is perfect for me - lots of stamps and stamping going on in my space today. Not to mention the stamps of my perpetual tantrum throwing gorgeous son, Shaun AKA Shamus.

We went to Asda this morning, and I bought him a halloween outfit!! I was so impressed with all the stuff they have in - its really inspired us for our party. Dont know what Ill be going as yet, probably a witch or something (less dressing up/makeup to apply etc lol). They have some skull goblets and candy bowls with hands that grab the kids as they go for a sweet lol lol how sick are we, really? There was this skeleton in a coffin, and when you press a button, it pops up, screaming and wailing quite convincingly I thought! Shaun wasn't really impressed, he tried to put on a brave face but then started making his 'rescue me mum, quick' noise, so we had to leave it. If we keep going back, maybe we'll desensitise him to it, either that or scar him for life! I love Asda now it's starting to become more like the Walmarts in America - there's nothing you cant get (is that a double negative? Sounds rubbish!!) from those shops!!

Final bit of news guys then I'll beggar off and stop boring you to tears!! Last night, my Dad came round - I have been comissioned with the task of taking some photos to send to my newly acquired grandad and family (see this post here and this one here for further info). It was a bit tricky really because it was late and it was dark, so I took some anyway and we're going to get together at weekend, in the day, and take some more to send to him. One of my Dad's 'new' brothers goes to live in Costa Rica at the beginning of October, so, he wants to get them to him before he goes. Costa Rica - mmmmmmm that'd be nice!! But here is one for you to have a peep at. So that's me, Shaun and Shaun Jr, My Dad and his partner, and my two brothers and sister.
K guys, I'll go now - have a great day, and thanks for reading. PS - its freeeeeeezing (well not actually freezing but you know what I mean) here!! Brrrrrr....


pretty-pink-cards said...

love the stamp.. stamp..
And great photo of you all
caroline x

MaaikeV said...

great take!

Linda said...

Great family pic. :-)

Loved the stamp stamp too, lol!

I love Asda too, we haven't got a 'local' one but whenever I can I get to the nearest. (and yep that was a double negative but it worked cos it meant exactly what you were trying to say, lol!)

Rachael said...

Love the stamp never really got into stamping but keep meaning to give it a go. Love Asda too!

Bobs said...

Rofl - I've done a stamped stamp too!! lol
Our Tesco has some Hallowe'en goodies in too. We LOVE Hallowe'en!!

etteY said...

lovely stamp!! ang great family photo :D

Sue Nicholson said...

Firstly it is freezing :) I'm with you on that one. Think Bobs is too :D

Nice to hear your parcel arrived and just in time for the prompt too. Fab pic and love the way you set the scene for the photo.

Going to Asda later myself! Boring things like paper bins BUT sure I'll find something else too :) Ours has a large halloween display with an enormous blown up gruesome looking "thing" that you have to walk through to get to those items. Not too scary!

Great family shot :) Will have a quick look at your links too.

Bye for now


Jolanda said...

Love your double stamp!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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