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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Is it a bird??? Is it a plane??? No, my tyre is flat.

What an eejit. This morning, on my way out in the car, I noticed a loud sound and I thought - what on earth is that?? I looked around for low flying aircraft and there didn't appear to be any nearby - I presumed it must have been out of sight! So a little later, some bloke stops me and says 'Oright love, do you know your back tyre is flat as a pancake?'. Hmmmm....No I didn't! So that's what the noise was then. If brains were made of elastic, I wouldn't have enough for a budgies garter, as my ma would say lol
A lovely man from LBT motors in Garstang came over and changed it for me, he must have seen my puzzled look whilst trying to get the space saver tyre out from underneath the boot thingy. My OH has made me lazy - I used to change my own car tyres and do all that caper, but since he came along I don't do any of it!! 'That's how it should be', he says, dragging his club and freshly caught wild boar behind him.
Just had to share that with you guys, so if, like me, you're a little clueless when it comes to cars, and you hear low flying aircraft - check your tyre isn't flat!!


Jacqui said...

I know the feeling charl...happened to me once on the motorway.....And i have never changed a tyre in my life...But it is not for us ladies to change tyres especially with manicured nails lol...Only joking guys in case any looking in.

Rachael said...

Doh! I know the principal behind changing a tyre but find it much more satisfying watching someone else getting dirty doing it for me!!