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Thursday, 20 September 2007

HS:MS - Break (the bank)!!

Now how dedicated is this, Ive even broken a pencil especially!! Dedicated, or sad??? Lol

I have had a wee play about with photoshop and tried to make a really boring picture look slightly more interesting!! Comments please on if it's worked - I myself, am not convinced. It's a big improvement though!!
I am ending up with one cold neck, as the scarf is not progressing on as quick as I'd like!! Had to go to a meeting last night, and it was all women. Is this a recipe for disaster when you're trying to follow an agenda or what!?!? You could start off talking about rocket science and still end up talking about 'that Margaret around the corner who does this' or that 'Sharon around the corner who does that'!!
Not that Im not partial to a good old chin wag and gossip - but Id had no tea, and 'Torn' was on on ITV!! Anybody watch it? I thought it was fantastic. When she was following her daughter I just thought 'what are you doing, woman??!!' But I know that if I was in her shoes, I would have done exactly the same I think. What an awful situation to be in!! And I totally agree with what she said - if you were to lose a child at a young age, and you saw them years later, as a mother I think you'd know it was them!!

So still no finished scarf!!
I thought I'd upload a pic of me and my mate Elaine, from our recent holiday in Wales. I met Elaine whilst doing a CJ through UKS. Elaine posted on our CJ thread and we discovered we were going to the same place at the same time!! So it was great to get the chance to meet up. I think we're equally as mad about crafting!! Below is Shaun playing with Daniel and Emily, Elaine's two lovely children.

And I just sent off her CJ the other day - that's the end of it now!! All done and dusted - I received mine back and its lovely! My theme was 'If I knew then what I know now'. Some really fab stuff in there; loads of common ground!! It's really great to see everyone's interpretation of the theme.

Thats it there below, my cover and my entry in it. The heart front lifts up, as do the little paper flaps that say my shoulda could wouldas.

I have just joined another CJ group - Another Stamp CJ by 3D Jean. Really looking forward to this one - I remember thinking last time it was running - I'd love to be in that CJ group!! Well now I am! The art produced in the last one is pretty amazing!! So I will have to really up my game and hopefully produce some cool stuff.

And of course I have had to order some new stamps. I had a few lined up, I had it all planned out, and then Jean says - 'I have some unmounted stamps in my shop'. Bye bye money, maybe see you again sometime!!
Also we went into Lancaster today, and checked that the shoes that Shaun Jr was fitted with 2 months ago, still fit him properly, as recommended by Clarks shoes. They didnt!! So more money spent there - but well worth it - they are great shoes and he seems to love them (usually - today he was kicking off and threw one on the floor, saying 'Mum! Dropped it!!'. Luckily I spotted this and confiscated said shoe. If we had lost it I think I would have cried, having just bought them and all!! So that explains the break the bank title!! In case you were wondering ...
K guys thanks for reading (if you made it this far without nodding off lol, and have a great day!!


Ruth said...

You're so crafty I can't stand it!!! I love to look at all the gorgeous things you make. Want to come to the US and have a crafty kind of day at my house? LOL

Anonymous said...

oooh lovely eye candy to look at once again... your CJ is gorgeous!!
Love the 'break' photo.. it's certainly different I wondered what it was at first but think it's great...isn't photoshop fab for jazzing things up:)
I watched torn too and I thought it was fab...and I agree I think you would always know your own child.

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Charli :0

Ha! I considered breaking something just for the pure hell of it too! Great minds!

Torn was brilliant BUT I wish they had left me with a cliff hanger drooling for the next episode. Looking good though. Excellent acting.

Charli you are so slim :) This is a lovely photo of you and your friend . . . and it isn't even Self Portrait Saturday :0

Lots of great photos Charli :)


Bobs said...

Oh Charli - I love the stuff you do! Your CJ is fabulous and your shot for today is smashing! I've got photoshop, but haven't really got to grips with it yet.
Love the pic of you and the one of the little ones playing.

Louise said...

gorgeous cj Charli:) I think the tinkering in photo shop has worked:)

Jacqui Mama said...

Love the photo charl....And i love the CJ xx Next time Torn is on get on with your scarf...Cos I dont ever remember you sitting down for 5 minutes at any given never stop lass.
You are a fantatsic scrapper and a truly brilliant mother, And i am proud that you are my daughter.

Hazel said...

How lovely that you were able to meet up with a crafty friend. I love everything you've shown today, including your broken pencil!

etteY said...

cool 'break' shot!

Ruth said...

That CJ was lush, but I have to say it looked better on my desk!!!