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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Forgive Me Bloggers....

........for I have sinned. It has been 12 days since my last blog post!!

I was struck down by man flu on the night before our Halloween party, transforming me into Charl - the snot nosed witch (sorry). I have been so busy trying to get my OU course stuff done, that I haven't really had much time for anything else! Apart from taking lots of photos of course, always time for that.
So I apologise in advance for lots of photos, and lots of rambling!

I'll upload my SPS from yesterday first of all, then get on with the Halloween pics and share some from Bonfire night, if you're interested!!
Don't ask what is going on with the SPS pic, I just get so fed up of seeing my geeky smiling mush every week that I now try and think of something a bit different to do. And of course, pouting is not allowed is it, according to you know where lol, however, if I had a pout worthy of sharing, it would be thrust upon you like it or not!

So this was me (below that is, just to save any confusion lol), at our Halloween party! Half my makeup came off (believe it or not lol) due to me blowing my nose constantly. I even took the 'tooth wax' off (this cool black stuff you can stick to your teeth instead of actually colouring them in with something, as I was contemplating doing) eventually, because it was slowing down the scoffing/munching process. I made a pumpkin soup, which was lovely, and a pumpkin cake too! Now I was worried about how the cake would turn out, because of my problem cooker, but it worked!! And it was good - did some orange butter icing for it - yum. I was in a mad rush so didn't end up with my broom, left on my 'a bit high tech for a witch' digital watch, and also one hoop earring. I did make a mental note whilst I was doing my makeup and before I had put my witches outfit on, to remove the earring, because I was starting to look a bit like a pirate, but it slipped my mind! And the hat that I so loved. It wouldn't stay on my humongous head, complete with wig. I still think the scariest part of my outfit was my fringe.

Now, as you can see from these pictures below of me and my sis, we absolutely hate Halloween lol, this is us, getting into character.
And this is Shamus Snr. in his home made 'just been attacked' come 'one of the affected from 28 days later' outfit. His makeup was fantastic - he really looked like he had been hurt!! The cuts and bruises, bits of torn skin - ewwww - looked a little too real. Freaky bunch - aren't we? This is my Ma and Ray posing for a pic as Catwoman and Frankenstein - loved both their outfits! Young Shamus was a bit freaked out by Grandpa Ray's mask at first, but he got braver as the night went on.This is Shaun snr below, with his Mum and Dad, and my brother Jack, far left at the front. Note the ghoul that Shaun is holding onto at the back, created by his fair hand, to scare the local children coming for 'Tricks or Treats'. This year, I thought I'd mix things up a bit and get some plastic spiders and worms and stuff to put in amongst the sweets. I saw a few unimpressed faces, when some kids pulled out spiders instead of sweets!! TRICK mwuahahahahaha. Some kids don't really want tricking do they, they actually just want toffees or money. In fact most kids!! I read something on my sisters my space page which made me chuckle the other day - talking about swapping parts of outfits to maximise profits when out trick or treating.

Just have a look at my sisters face on this pic below. She was in character all night, and it was hilarious. Shaun Jr looks slightly worried I think - she looks like she is about to kidnap him!
And this is my little man in his skeleton outfit. Well part of it - he wouldn't wear the rest! He had a load of fun, and was mischief making and making the most of having two sets of grandparents around. My Dad should have made an appearance and didn't bother. Shame that, because he missed a really great night.
And the award for costume most likely to make you pee yourself with laughter goes to......Melissa, my sister. I swear, I was double over with laughter most of the night. She reminded me a bit of that granny of No 42 with the Kumars, and she does a mean impression of her too! Its the teeth that do it! But she was hilarious. There's something about being around my sis, that makes me feel like a giddy teenage girl again.

To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each others hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. Clara OrtegaAnd here are some of my pics from our bonfire night last weekend. Having a play with shutter speeds and what not - here's my ma .....

...and here's me trying to get an impressive sparkler picture. Check the one after out. Can you see what I was trying to achieve, and failing a bit miserably?

I was trying to write my name in the pic below, but I ran out of space, and only managed 'Cha'. Ay dear... Have a look at our 'hard as nails' friendly neighborhood heron below! Never moved a muscle whilst these fireworks were going off! Might be because he is made of stone lol didn't even notice it when I was taking these pictures!
So there you go. That is it from me today (that's it?? lol), I have got a couple of crafty things I want to share with you but Ill pop them up tomorrow now!! A layout and a few other bits, and another scarf I should be finishing fairly soon too.
I'm really looking forward to catching up with you all - I had a peep at a few blogs last night, but I will get round them all by the end of today! Have a great rest of the day, and thanks for stopping by!


Hazel said...

It's good to see you back - I've been worried about you. Sorry that you've been so unwell. Love all the photos you've shared. Take care.

sharon said...

ok..12 days is a lifetime..but boy your returning post was worth are so right about the pics...great to have you back.x

Jen said...

love your firework pics!
sorry you were ill, hope you are better now!

Sue Nicholson said...

So pleased you are back Charli :)

Super photos and excellent text to bring them to life. Love them.

A great catch up . . . hope your cold is on it's way out now.

((hugs)) . . . Sue

Rachael said...

Great to have you back with us. Looks like you had fun despite the cold and those firework pictures are cool x

Jacqui Mama said...

Hi Charl....Glad you are back on form...You have been missed by many
I have been laughing as i was on the night at the photos of you and mel...We had stomach ache that night did'nt we especially when her wig got stuck on the door handle.
It was a fantastic night as was Bonfire night.
Bye for now Mama

SuzyB said...

Yay you're back! Sorry to hear you've been a big snot pile. Love all the photos, you look like a right mad bunch, just up my street! Well not up my street because obviously I'd know you but you know what I mean :o) x

Jenga said...

Love your catch up post :) Great pics :)

Louise said...

great pics Charli, good to have you back... hope you are snot free now:)

Marina said...

Well you may have been away for 12 days but you have made up for it, great photo's :~) xx

Bambi said...

these are all great! welcome back (^_^)

Melissa Lee said...

Hi Charl,

Love the pics, they are so funny...
I forgot how crazy i looked.

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