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Monday, 12 November 2007

Not another bloomin scarf...

Yup, I'm on with another scarf!! Now is it me, or do these scarves look fab in the book, then when you see your finished article, it never quite looks as good? lol, well that's how it is for me! It will probably look better when I have got all the other little bits finished and added to it - will update when its done. For those of you who read my blog regular-ish, I was going to give you another autumn watch update, of the empty branch with no leaf on it, but thought it might not make for interesting blogging!

So I said I would share a few of my other bits and bats I have been making - the sketch below is one I uploaded for my challenge last week, over on Blog Til You Drop.

And here is one of the LO's I did for it below, the other one is here if you fancy a peep! There's another fab challenge on the go, set by our Shary - have a looksee! Its buttons, bows and brads - her examples are lovely too.

An altered cigar tin below, used alcohol inks for the tin, which was a lovely shade of blue before, and used some vintage sarapapers from my DT kit, available at Crop Til You Drop.
And last but by no means least - my little man again! A LO with a pic of him from last Christmas - I cant wait for this year - just keeps getting better now we've got him to share it with!

Right, its rant time. What is it with technical support? I lost my t'internet connection last night, and phoned the guys at Netgear to help me out, as I was sure it couldn't be my broadband line. After about 30 minutes of 'press this' and 'do that', which I honestly didn't mind, as I mistakenly thought they were helping me lol, they said - change the adaptor to another power outlet. Now I can understand unplug, to reset etc., but change to another power outlet? What, like a different plug socket will make all the difference will it? Eejits - I don't think the woman helping me had a clue.

And another thing. My accent. I know its Northern. But I do speak fairly clearly when I'm on the phone, and I don't think that its that hard to understand me when I say 3, 4, 5, etc. I think they must have been taking the mick, personally, as I must have had to repeat myself about 6 times. Needless to say, technical support did not support me in any technical way, at all. And I was left to figure it out for myself, which thankfully, I managed today, hence me being here now typing this codswallop! Lol

So thanks for stopping by folks, and I am going to spend the next bit o time i have getting round the blogs, which I didn't manage last night. And all being well, I should get round them all - Ive missed seeing everyone's pics! Have a good day!


Looby said...

ooh Charli - that scarf is just GORGEOUS! I love big chunky, snuggly scarfs! (can you tell I hate the cold! LOL) wish I could make something like that!

maz said...

I am experiencing totally knitting envy. I'd love to learn, but you know, old dogs, new tricks and all that :)

Bambi said...

looks like a very nice scarf!

Sue Nicholson said...

Fab scarf. Great colours.

Loving all your craft stuff . . . excellent especially liking the Bath. Not done a bath lo yet !!

Totally got the accent thing too . . . I'm just down the road from you outside Manchester :)

So good to have you back :)


Rachael said...

Love your layouts and I really love your scarf. I am about 2 3rds of the way through my first ever scarf as I have never knitted before. Mines not as pretty as yours though as it is for my goth so has to be mostly black. x

Bobs said...

CHARLI!!!!! So glad you're back with us again! Hope you're all better now.

Tech support? Bah humbug. I totally understand the accent thing. I try not to speak on the phone because I have such a braod North East Scottish accent, that no one can make out a word I say. lol

Love the scarf, it's fab. I knitted scarves for my grandaughters last Crimbo, in that fluffy wool. Gorgeous to wear, but a nightmare if you drop a stitch!

Hasn't wee Shaun grown since last Christmas!!!!

Jenga said...

I think the scarf looks lush! Now I am allowed to beat my tech support over the head if he doesn't sort my problems - he is my hubby !! LOL

Louise said...

Charli I love the scarf... is it knitted or crochet? I want to make one too... a girl can never have too many scarves!

Great DT work too

Caz said...

Welcome back and the scarf looks fabbie.

Ruth said...

I want that scarf, it looks lovely and seeing all your DT work up here looks fantastic!!

Hazel said...

It's really good to have you back - glad you got the internet problem sorted (no thanks to 'you know who'!) Lovely LOs and I'm sure the scarf will look fab.

Diana said...

Great to have you back Charli! The scarf looks GREAT what are yu talking about LOL. Lovely LOs too.
Love from Di

etteY said...

Hey girl! great to see you again :D what a gorgeous scarf and fab layout!

Angela said...

LOVE that scarf! The colours are great and it looks snuggly and cosy. Great picture too :-)