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Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Some grainy pics....

Hello guys - have been absent for a couple of days due to OU caper. And this is a really quick one today you'll be pleased to hear - with much less rambling from me for a change!! First of all, thought Id share with you a LO I did for the latest challenge over on BTYD - a scraplift challenge. Apologies for the really annoying white spot due to bad lighting, and flash usage lol. Obviously of my little man, while we were out walking in our village a couple of weekends ago now - the one were the 'away' pic was from and the SOS ones I uploaded at weekend? And second and thirdly (?) my grainy pics for todays photo prompt over at HS:MS. The first is 'grain on grain' lol - apologies for the rather cacky close up shot of a grain of brown rice upon a slightly grubby, ready for washing chopping board.
And second - and prepare for 'sadness' guys, but this is the latest addition to our 'home corner' for Shaun and the other little people I look after. Its a wooden kitchen, and {I} he loves it!! Ive been dying to get some stuff like this for us to have a play with, and when we went into the ELC at weekend - to get his other bits and bats - there it was, and he was straight in there playing with all the wooden fruit and veg, and wooden pieces of toast and pans and all that stuff. So here it is now, in our front room and getting plenty of use already!! Only trouble is, its rather pink. It does have other colours, blue and yellow, but I think it should be a bit more neutral coloured - as cooking is not just for girls, as my good man found out when he met me lol.
Then these next two cards, the first I made for a fellow DT member and also used it as part of a challenge as it had all the requirements of it - for Shary's bows, buttons, and brads challenge a couple of Saturdays ago.
And this one, rather childlike, I know, but its for our postman Pete, who is retiring on Friday. Pete has been a great postman - i think I like him so much, not just because he is a lovely guy but also because he has brought me so many lovely crafting goodies over the past couple of years!! I have looked forward to him turning up many a day, stalking for my much awaited crafty bits n pieces. So I'll be sorry to see him go!! I asked him the other day 'do you drink Pete?' and he said 'why can you tell!!'. I meant so I could get him a little pressie lol but I did feel a bit of a pillock!!
Right guys, must dash, tea to sort and then its OU all the way tonight. I said yack to my OU course the other day - not because its rubbish but because I am - I have left things a bit late this time and am now in panic stations. But this has been the way I have worked all through Uni when I trained as a nurse, and did my degree modules!! Not good for stress levels but I must need the pressure to motivate me or something!! Weirdo.
And there was me saying less rambling.....have a good evening guys and thanks for popping by!


Hazel said...

Lol! at the 'less rambling' - but I love it! Good 'grain' pics - love Shaun's new kitchen worktop. And the cards are great - I'm sure that Pete the postman will love his - at least he didn't think you were asking him in for a drink! (well, at that time in the day!) Hope the course work goes OK this evening

Aubrey Harns said...

Great shot Charli - love the lighting - it looks so soft.

Jenga said...

Less rambling?!?!?! haha ;)

I know exactly the ELC kitchen you mean and my two love it too!! Little boys do love girly toys don't they LOL

Great pics and projects :D

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Charli :) Just catching up. Great post today. Love the postie card. LOL at the drink.

Most peeps, not all, need pressure of some sort to work. It's a bit like taking an exam it gets the adrenaline running.

Hope all goes well tonight with you OU.

Bye for now . . . Sue

Ruth said...

Some lovely stuff your making Charl!!! Keep that inspiration flowing!

Rachael said...

Hope your alright Charli and that you are getting through the OU work OK. We are missing you hun. x

SuzyB said...

How's the OU stuff going then? Are you all done now? Love that postie card btw :o)

Just wanted to let you know, date of the HSMS meet has changed to 16th Dec - which means that Kirsty is now available and will be coming woo hoo.

If you can make it, please leave me a comment with your email address on (wont be published, Im moderating) and I will send you the venue/timing details. Hope hope hope you can come!!! xx