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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Hit and Miss...

...with me at the moment isnt it?
My time away paid off though - I did quite well with my assignment so I was chuffed to bits with that! It was a trickier one this time too. Got another to get under way with though so after my previous blogging performance whilst under pressure to get these assignments done to any reasonable standard, I fear I will be quite rubbish at blogging for a bit.
Just thought Id share this next LO with you first - its of me and my sis a couple of Christmases back, whilst I was preggers with young Shamus and ready to pop at any second. The green hippo remark is due to me wearing a green top, and feeling like a humongous hippo - I was huge when I was pregnant! A massive big and round belly, and I loved it. Isnt it mad how much you miss the bump when it goes (even with your new little baba lol)? Not helped at all by that horrible, feels worse than a blancmange stomach you end up left with. Anyway this LO has some of my first faffings with the sewing machine on - around the heart and on the ribbon. Must remember next time to try not to get adhesive on the needle, doesnt work as good after that lol. Have entered this for the House challenge over on UKS, the theme is Christmas past/present.
Did I show you this Christmas Journal I made? Trouble is Ive been that busy lately that it might turn into Christmas Journal 2008, I havent kept up with it as well as I should have!! I used the friendly felt for the covers and the tree, and some letter tiles from an old QVC set I got ages ago.
Here is my first proper make with my sewing machine - my little pin cushion!! Does anybody listen to Russell Brand on Radio 2? I think its radio 2 anyway, but I think that guy is so funny, really quick witted and clever. If only he didnt wear those tight trousers lol - point of that discussion was, that is where the 'pin pin' thing comes from. Now, the pin cushion is far from perfect, and I really could do to brush up on my hand sewing skills, because the finishing on it is not great. What stitch is best to close a cushion? Havent a clue so it looks a bit frankensteinish on that small section! I want to make another, but theres only so many pins you need - its full of them now. By the way - does anyone know of any good sites to get material from - reasonable money and decent quality?? Would love a link or some addresses please guys?
And now for the scarf. I have decided that it is done since doing this picture. I have crocheted a good few flowers to put on it (as per pattern) but thought that flowers really are not me, and that it might start to look 'antwacky' (as my ma would say) - so the flowers are staying off! Its lovely and warm, a bit on the itchy side yet but hopefully that might get a bit better with wear and a wash. So scrap that very very nearly done title. Done!

And finally for my moonlight picture. There wasnt a chance there was any moon about round our way this morning, it was cloudy so if it was there, it was well hidden!! So I borrowed someone elses moon - they said I could - and layered a pic of my window, taken today, on top of it. I know Im a big fat cheater, but it was the only way!! Ive been dying to get back in the thick of it - so sorry for cheating (i prefer improvising lol) guys!!

Right then, better go. Its Shaun Jr's Christmas party today, he gets to meet Santa (not sure what he will make of that) so will get lots of pics to put up. Got to be careful now though, with people being so funny about pics of their kids and all, with have to do a fair bit of Gaussian blurring and rubbing out!

Thanks for stopping by folks, will get by your blogs tonight - wish me luck at this Christmas party, I think Im going to need it!!




Jen said...

love your pin cushion and scarf!
fab improvised moonlight :D

Bobs said...

I have SO missed your super, chatty blog! Don't stay away so long next time! lol

You look so different in the LO, probably because you have straight hair. I loved my big belly each time I was preggers too.

Your journal and pincushion are fabby dabby!! I have to admit to not being very partial to Russell Brand though. I think he's a bit of a twit! lol

The scarf looks great and your (borrowed) moonlight shot is excellent!!

Bambi said...

great job on your moon!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You have been a busy girl... Love your's gorgeous :D

Now how clever are you getting to be... Christmas journalling, sewing a crocheting wonder you ain't got time to blog lol

Seriously though I love all your new bits and pieces!!

Fab, Fab moon photo...even if you did's sooooo clever :D think I've got brain rot today. lol

Rach said...

Ooooh a fab cheat hun xx LOL

Jenga said...

Great post today Charli - good to catch up :D Love the scarf; LOVE the LO; pin cushion is lush. Good luck with the party ;)

maz said...

Enjoyed your post today- it's been too long since we heard from you! :-)

maz said...

Enjoyed your post today- it's been too long since we heard from you! :-)

Beverley Todd said...

fab scarf! learning to crochet is next on my list! LOL.

I did have a great fabric store but it's not in my faves anymore - will see if i can find it & post you a link
Guv x

Alix said...

oooh loving that scarf and the pin cushion :) and thanks for the heads up on Jules Holland...i'll look out for it :)

SuzyB said...

Wow you've been busy! Ive fallen off journalling Christmas for the moment, hoping to catch up next week. Fab scarf, will you be modelling it on Sunday :o) x